Tool Library Volunteers Needed

Photo of spare electric drills

Can you volunteer a few hours to help establish a tool library in Forres?

Forres Tool Library promises to help folk who can’t afford to access the gear that they need, without resorting to buying cheaply made products that break down quickly, and those who find their homes cluttered with gadgets that they rarely ever use but still want on occasion.

We need a few helping hands in two main roles, temporary and ongoing:

First there will be some up-front work to catalogue our existing items into a system for booking in and out the items borrowed by members.
• This is ideal for people who want to practise photography, descriptive writing, and IT skills, suitable to use for selling things online.
As items are donated to the library, there will be more opportunities to help with this on an ongoing basis.

After that, we will need people who can commit to regular times, for example monthly, fortnightly or weekly, to run pop-up stands around the town, where members will come to pick up and drop off items that they are borrowing.
• If you would like to meet new people and help them to find what they need, then this will be a good opportunity to socialise.
• If you want to help in a quiet environment, then your help will be greatly appreciated to prepare bags and boxes of the items being borrowed before each pop-up shop, or checking those returned afterwards. Times for this can be a lot more flexible.

Volunteers will benefit from free membership of the tool library and extra access to the things on offer.
There will also be an opportunity for volunteers helping with the checking of items to learn Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and gain a qualification.

For more information and to get involved, please either come and have a chat with Andrew at the end of the next repair café on Saturday 18th of March, or contact us at with “Tool Library” in the subject line.

We will also soon be welcoming donations of items that anyone finds to be cluttering their home. Some examples of possible infrequently used things to share could be:
• Angle Grinders
• Cameras
• Carpet Cleaners
• Drills
• Food Dehydrators
• Lawn Mowers / Trimmers
• Outdoor / Sports Equipment
• Saws
• Toys
• Whatever You Would Like To See!

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