Forres Repair Café

Launched by a small team of stalwart volunteers as the remains of a blizzard was thawing in early 2018, TTF’s first repair café, using the model of the Restart Project, was a success that has been repeated monthly since then.

We have fixed many different things including bicycles, electronics, toys and clothes. If you have a question or wish to help out, please contact the coordinator using the form below.

Also, see our impact measured on the RP website! We are looking for some help keeping this up to date. They also list upcoming events or you can check our calendar here.

Other groups have been invited to showcase their talents and wares at pop-up tables, and we regularly collaborate with the Local Exchange Trading System, New Moray LETS. Please use our main contact if you are interested in contributing. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Andrew on .