Community Garden

Our Community Garden is located at Bogton Road, Forres. (See Contact Us for a map and directions.) It’s a fantastic place to learn how to grow your own food and meet other gardeners. We work in pods that are shared spaces for about four people. We also have polytunnels where gardeners can grow from seed and take cuttings. Currently we have about seventy gardeners who use the site.

The Community Garden has its own website here.

As well as working on their own pods, gardeners take part in regular workdays. We aim to have a workday once a month. Tasks will include moving items (large and small), painting, tending to outdoor plants, organising and freshening up various places. Check TTF Events for details and confirmation of upcoming workdays.

Many of the gardeners are interested in a permaculture way of growing, but this is not a prerequisite. We do, however, ask that you don’t use any chemicals on the ground, neither fertilisers nor pesticides.